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Announcing Elysian Fields


Today we announce our current project, Elysian Fields! This will be our primary project for the foreseeable future, but don't worry about Atropos, that's still getting worked on at a slower rate for now. We just want to work on something we can get out to you much sooner.

So, what is Elysian Fields? Elysian Fields is part farming sim, part arcadey-spacey-sim thing. Take care of your micro planet, farming plants and animals as you see fit, then use your newfound profits to upgrade your ship and explore the solar system, making friends and frenemies along the way! Then use whatever weird and wonderful things you find to help with your farming endeavours back home!

The game features both of these gameplay styles, as some days you just want to come home and relax tending to some chickens or carrots or whatever, while other days you want to go flying of fighting space pirates and uncovering secret treasure. Elysian Fields lets you do both at your own pace!

We have plans to reveal more about Elysian Fields soon, and be sure to check the main Elysian Fields page too!

- Team Novadawn