NovaDawn Studios

What is NovaDawn Studios?

NovaDawn studios was founded in July 2019 by two friends in Hull (the one in the UK) to make their dream game ideas come to life.

They started with Atropos, a turn-based RPG, before it became abundantly clear that the sheer scope of the project would need more work than two people with no money could provide. As a result, the project was shelved, but this project is still their dream goal.

They then migrated to Elysian Fields, an open world farm-em-up in Space, but after a well received Kickstarter that failed to reach its goal, they decided to hone their skills and try something completely different. Like Atropos, it is shelved for the moment.

Finally, they turned to another idea that had been brewing for a long time, one where the spectre of scope creep couldn't impact as hard. One that could conceivably even be finished within the century: Exim.

Who Are the NovaDawn Team?

NovaDawn studios currently consists of two people, the founders. They are:

Kadan Bradley


As the artist and primary story writer for the assorted projects, Kadan handles the more creative aspects including a majority of the 2D and 3D art and the overall story.

Daniel Masterson

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As the developer for the games, Daniel handles all of the programming logic and other game developmental stuff needed to build a functional game. He also dabbles in music, but isn't very good at it yet.