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The featured image for the Elysian Fields story update.



Elysian Fields is set approximately 1000 years into the future from our present time. After 11 different alien occupations and invasions, our solar system is very different. Many of the planets we recognise have been destroyed creating Micro-planets called Plorbs.

After saving up you’ve finally got enough to nab yourself a farming plorb in a sector known as Elysian Fields, but due to your price range it’s a little run down.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the world of Elysian Fields.


Elysian Fields

A concept drawing of the Elysian Fields plorb, covered in a variety of biomes. A farmhouse is perched on the topmost point.
Concept art for Elysian Fields

The Elysian Fields sector currently contains only one plorb, run down and spit up into crumbling climates, this plorb is your new home to grow, improve and cultivate.


A planet consisting of a single town on the north pole, and fields scattered across all land below.
Early concept art for Solbreak

A small human settlement in the Phobos zone, designed to feel like old Earth. The closest p;orb to Elysian Fields, Solbreak is the first port of call for farming goods and ship upgrades.


A dark red planet, similar in appearance to Mars.
Very early concept art of Firefly

Known as arguably one of the “safest” cities in the entire solar system, anyone who doesn’t know firefly would never guess the plorb is inhabited by bandits, outlaws, thieves and pirates.

A strict ceasefire put in place centuries ago still operates on Firefly, unfortunately the dense cluster of asteroids surrounding the tiny planet didn’t sign the peace treaty.



A large species known for their militaristic intelligence were the first Alien race to make contact with earth entirely by accident.

Also known for their ability to only see colours on the blue-purple spectrum, this species declared war on earth and prepared to destroy the planet before realising that it was all a big misunderstanding, and their enemy was several stars away. Some are still embarrassed about the whole incident to this day.

A typical Ursovon and Jallan as they’re typically seen across the Galaxy.
A typical Ursovon and Jallan as they’re typically seen across the Galaxy


A peaceful race of aquatic like creatures that only discovered space travel as a species as recently as humans. Despite only becoming acquainted with humans in the last century, they have made themselves known as good traders and philanthropists, but nobody can really say anything about their home planet. Most have come to see them as a somewhat secretive race, but some people believe their home planet may have been destroyed centuries ago.

Character concepts for an Ursovon and Jallan that have made their home on Firefly, dressed as space pirates.
Character concepts for an Ursovon and Jallan that have made their home on Firefly


Despite looking almost exactly identical, humans quickly discovered that this species is split into several warring nations, however their quarrels are less militaristic and more… fashion based.

This species prides themselves on their looks, and the clothing choices of an individual is the easiest way for a human to determine what faction the member belongs to.

Concept art for a blue, red and purple aestheticans.
Left – Members of the red and blue factions, the first to make contact with Earth
Right – A forbidden partnership, members of opposing factions defying and embracing their heritage