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Taking a Break

Published Atropos

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since we posted here, and it’s time for an update. We’ve come to the unfortunate decision that it’s probably for the best we postpone the Atropos project for now.


Published Atropos

Well-versed in abilities and the enemies the group has made along the way, Alex doesn’t shy away from speaking about their enemies, even if they don’t technically speak. Despite being mute, Alex is extremely powerful, with a few obvious drawbacks, including the unpredictability of their powers and the chaos they have the potential to create.

The Smartest Phone

Published Atropos

In Atropos, your phone is one of your biggest assets. As well as being how you can communicate with your friends, it’s also where you manage your missions, your inventory and even track your health. The phone comes with a large number of apps to aid Agi, and can even be modified by Marid to provide more features.


Published Atropos

Closed off and secretive Oleander doesn’t form meaningless attachment, knowing that in the end they’ll just get in her way. Already aware of people with abilities and her own powers, she only has one thing on her mind, taking revenge on the people who took everything from her.

Location Concept Art

Published Atropos

This time the focus is on locations. Manchester has been one of our big talking points, but we think we’ve told you enough about the city for now, it’s time to show you other locations that will feature throughout the game. We’ll start with the more mundane.

The Pre-Alpha Battle System

Published Atropos

Well, that took a bit longer to get out that we planned, but it’s finally here, a demo of some actual GAMEPLAY! That’s right, there is actually a game here. Watch the video to see it in action, and I’ll detail some more parts of it below.


Published Atropos

With all of the work we’re doing on the website and the game, we want to delay the showcase of the battle system a little longer, so we can iron out some kinks and make it look its best. In the meantime we realised we’ve talked a lot about the setting and the gameplay, but apart from Character announcements, we haven’t talked much about the story of Atropos.

UI Designs

Published Atropos

Since we’re starting to show off more of the game, now seems like a good time to start showing off UI designs, which honestly isn’t the most exciting subject, but UI design can sometimes make or break a game.