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We recently decided to do something that we’ve been putting off for a while and took a trip to Manchester, the primary location of Atropos. The weekend we went was Pride, hence the rainbows, but despite the colourful celebrations we were there on business.


Published Atropos

Fresh out of University, Marid moved to Manchester, justifying it through the city’s job prospects. Years later, Marid starts to wonder if maybe he would be better off leaving everything behind.

Q&A 1

Published Atropos

Today we’ll cover some anticipated questions about the game. This info will (eventually) be collated onto an info page on the site. Let’s get to it!


Published Atropos

Life is completely ordinary for Agi Powell, working two jobs after dropping out of University and trying to juggle modern life as a twenty-something year old. That is, until the mysterious fire that takes her grandmother’s life and destroys her home.